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Mixing slow-mo and regular footage
  • I shot an event on my GH3 all at 60p with 1/125 shutter since I am mostly using the footage for slow motion in Premiere, interpreted as 24p within the NLE.

    I want to mix the slow-mo clips with regular speed clips, but they were all shot at 60p. For the normal speed stuff, do I just use the 60p clips as-is within the 24p timeline? Is there anything I should do to make sure they play back in the best/smoothest possible way alongside the slow-motion clips?

    I know that I should ideally shoot the stuff that is for normal speed at the final output framerate, but for some events, you can't know that in advance. What is the best solution in those cases?

    Thanks for any insights.


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  • Bump.

    Perhaps a two sentence answer? Bueller? ;-)

  • "Anyone?....anyone?"

    @_OZ Check the Adobe forums - there's one for Premiere. Someone should have the answer. It may be something simple like using multiple sequences in the same project, and just setting different frame rates for each sequence. That's just a guess, but somebody on premiere forum should give you answer for sure.

  • You can just throw everything in one 24p sequence and interpret 60p footage intended for slo-mo as 24p in bin.

  • @matt_gh2 There are probably better ways but since I use a lot of different cameras usually....I process the slomo clips and save them in a lossless format, then add them on the timeline as I'm putting the entire thing together,

    Just keeps my workflow less confusing.

    I do the same with the timelapse segments.

  • Thanks everyone!

    I'll experiment with simply combining them in the 24p timeline. For the normal speed stuff, I guess I'm wondering how the NLE deals with the awkward math of showing 60p footage in 24p, dropping frames, but without a stutter here and there?

    Interpreting footage for slow mos is fine, I got that part. And yes, Premiere lets you just add any footage with any frame rate to the 24p timeline, but I assumed that it will not be smooth if it has to decide which frames to drop going from 60 to 24?


  • dropping 60p footage into a 24p timeline does create dropped frames. just play it and you should see a subtle stutter here and there. this may or may not be a problem depending on what your content, i.e. clip length, subject, etc. if you decide it is a problem, a solution is Twixter. it will create interpolated frames to replace the dropped frames so there's no judder. unfortunately it's a little pricey.

  • Sorry Matt.....I meant @_OZ