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Second body to compliment GH2 - Eos M or else
  • Hello

    I have a GH2 with the following lenses:

    Sigma 30mm F1.4 Sigma 18-50 F2.8 Panasonic 14mm and 20mm

    I also have a Shneider 18-90 F2 lens which I am having made into a Four Thirds lens

    I am looking for a cheap second body that will give me footage that will compliment the hacked GH2

    I am unsure of which Panasonic Body with hack will best compliment the GH2

    Also is the new G5 and G6 planned for hacks? If so they would be perfect choices?

    I am also considering the Eos M with its f2 lens although I am concerned that the h.264 format is being replaced next year and if this will make this camera obsolete or if they will offer the new improved codec/format a firmware upgrade?

    If anybody has any thoughts on this I would be grateful to know your opinions

    GH3 is still too expensive


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  • G6 is the one to take.

  • ı have a GH2 and already have ordered a G6 from BnH. I think GH2 and G6 would make a good pair. same sensor, same battery, same lenses one is hacked for high resolution and G6 is for 60p slow mo stuff, timelapses etc. still waiting for my G6 to be delivered. its gonna be so much fun to use both on projects. and once or if G6 is hacked then its gonna be more valuable.

  • I've got the EOS M, and even with ML using crop mode and RAW, it's nowhere near the GH2's quality, or even approaching it. I'd use my D7100 before the EOS M for video along side the GH2 (still no match). Also, even if the EOS M2 comes out soon, it'll probably use the 70D's sensor at best, which means a ton of moire, and probably no way to add one of those extra AA filters like you can on some of Canon's DSLRs (no room because of no mirror area).

  • I'd go for a hacked GH1 every time unless you need to feed an hdmi monitor

  • Just get another GH2? Cheaper than G6...

  • just get a g6 wifi focus peaking

  • @theconformist

    "Cheaper than G6"? I can only find used GH2 for MORE than G6. Been that way for a while. GH2's abilities aren't a secret, so it's been holding value relatively strongly.

    I'd rather have G6 anyway myself.

  • If G6 is cheaper, and you think you'd really prefer shooting with a G6, just sell your GH2 and buy two G6's. I haven't looked at G6 footage, but a BIG advantage of the GH2 over a lot of cameras is the ability to hack it and install a VARIETY of settings....each with a different look. So if you want a modern look for this project, install a Moon setting. If you want a classic look for the next project install Intravenus V2. You want something with grain, go with one of the Sedna settings, or Intravenus v1. For sports and motion, a lot of people like Flowmotion.

    Just my 2 cents.