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How to upload my camera shoots successfully without formatting?
  • Hi guys, Recently, I did some shoots with my Canon camera. However, as I attempted to upload all these shoots to my computer, I was always warned and asked to format it at first. I have used this camera many times and never encountered these similar problems before. Do you know what is going on there? Do you know how to upload my shoots successfully? Should I have to format this camera at first? Help me, please!

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  • are you uploading through the camera or a card reader?

  • What’s the difference? I always try to upload my shoots with a card reader. Does that make a difference?

  • So, why not to upload your shoots through the camera instead of the card reader? Does that make a sense?

    If these shoots can be read normally though the camera directly, you’d better back up them all well immediately.

    But, unfortunately, if this camera also gets the same problem, you may really get some memory card problems.

    In order to upload these shoots successfully, you’d better firstly try to use a camera data recovery program that usually can deep scan your camera memory card and restore all your wanted data back. In fact, there are many similar data recovery programs available on the internet. Some of them are free and some of them are paid.

    If you are really suspicious, you can firstly try some data recovery freeware that always works more efficiently than some paid ones, such as such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.

    I hope my words can help you out!

    Good luck!

  • It's called process of elimination. you eliminate the reading/uploading process as the fault. thats the difference. Uploading via camera can be dodgy sometimes, but hey who am i to argue. good luck with it.

    P.S I have had this happen with external hdds and the occasional USB stick, I click no to formatting and do what I need to do. A format usually fixes the HDD structure, but only after you have recovered/transfered your data. Use TestDisk PhotoRec, great free program

  • Thank you for your guys’ detailed and prompt answers. In fact, I am really scared after receiving the “not formatted error” message and don’t know what to do for saving my shoots. But, after reading your answers, I have learned a lot and also tried your mentioned data recovery freeware. They all are great, especially the one called iCare Data Recovery Free that finally restored all my shoots back. It is great! Thanks you! Have a nice day!

  • curious, does icare recover data in its original file name? That would be handy. Recovery names of files from testdisk are all a bunch of random letters and numbers.

  • Yeah! I also find some restored files with really strange names (They are also seriously damaged and cannot be used again). But, all my wanted files are OK and also have their original names. I am really lucky, right?