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Cage or Base and Rails?
  • I want to start building a rig around my GH3, and need some advice.

    So far, I have mainly been shooting music videos, using either a tripod or a jib. The main things that I want ASAP are an external monitor (probably the Neway in PV deals), and a follow focus (Fotga 500 in PV deals). I'll add a matte box later.

    My question is whether I should get a base with rails or a cage for a starting point? Ideally, I'd be able to eventually build it into a shoulder rig too, but that is not the immediate priority.

    The Fhugen Cage for the GH3 is on sale for $99 at the moment

    If I get a cage, what is the best way to add rails for a follow focus, and later matte box? Should the cage go onto a base such as the ones in the Fotga section:

    Thanks in advance,


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  • You can put a cage onto a base and rails, just be sure the base has adjustable (up/down) rod support so you can have the matte box centered on the lens. I like cages better, they feel more secure and you can attach a few items to them like monitors etc very easily. Plus, they can protect the camera from mishaps. I'm considering the the Fhugen, as well.

  • F&V has a rod mount for the Fhugen GH3 cage, just get that.

  • I just bought a rig based around Skier O-Ring for my GH2. I like it because it will fit future camera bodies (including larger cameras) and it is really not any bigger than I want it to be.

  • Thanks for all of the suggestions.

    @aldolega: What is F&V?

    @QuickHitRecord: Skiier O-Ring looks nice. I like how light and compact the system is. Price is a bit high for me at the moment.

  • What is F&V?

    F&V is big chinese manufacturer.

    As for cage - you can use Fotga without problem, all cages I know have proper thread at the bottom, as as on camera.

  • BTW, the Honu cage is now available as a "kit" that includes the top handle and a hdmi cable strain relief for $136.11.

  • Just an update to an old post... I purchased the cold shoe mount handle for the Fhugen Honu GH3 cage. It appears to be nicely made BUT it won't tighten fully and wobbles sideways when used. Sadly, it will eventually work itself loose and will actually slide out of the cold shoe slot. I returned it for a replacement, but the replacement does the exact same thing. I am able to get it more secure with a lock washer, but overall I would not recommend this handle. Can anyone recommend a reliable cold shoe mount handle?

  • Can anyone recommend a reliable cold shoe mount handle?

    Cold show is not made for handles. Properly it must be good cage with handle. I more like Lanparte design approach.