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Free AVCHD to Mov for Mac
  • Hey Guys,

    I found this on the Apple App store check it out.... It is a free program for Mac users to convert AVCHD footage to Mov files. I tried it out on a couple of clips seems to work out fine especially for free :-) Just do a search for it in the App store.

    Best Regards

    free avchd to mov.png
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  • @Azo

    Many thanks for the tip!

    I tended to load all of these tools... just in case I need them sometimes :-)

    However, I've once discovered "iffmpeg" (Mac only). It's $16, if I remember correctly. It's loaded with tons of sophisticated settings for H264 and it can transcode tp ProRes and DNxHD (both in 8bit and 10bit) and to many other codecs. The developer is extremely responsive and fast regarding bug fixes and feature requests. Above all iffmpeg preserves the properties of the respective codecs (for instance it does not remap luminance/color levels). ifmpeg also utilzes mutli core processing very, very good (it's fast!). This is exactly the ffmpeg-tool that makes ffmbc obsolete... Since I've bought iffmpeg I've deleted almost all of the other converters...

    I will still try the tool you've posted for sure.

    Thanks again!

  • I use iffmpeg too and I can confirm it's an extremely good tool. I paid 10€ for it, two years ago, but now it costs 15€.

  • thanks @Avo... just downloaded and ran a 2GB clip through with the clip wrapping process. seems to work pretty well... will do some more testing to see if it has any issues, but not too bad for a free app!

  • @towi

    Thanks for posting the information about iffmpeg :) that is really cheap. The only tools that I heard about are Clipwrap and 5DtoRGB so this really nice to have a different option.

    Best Regards

  • I've been using software called Rewrap2M4V, which wraps the AVCHD in a mov. wrapper and seems to work a treat. It was also free when I got it (about 2 years ago).

  • Been using Media Converter which is likewise free and also does batch processing.

  • Hey Guys,

    If you use Adobe Premiere Pro then this free program seems to work with no issues. However if you use Final Cut ProX then this wont work :( I imported clips into both programs and with Final Cut ProX it seems as though this program requires ProRes files for it to work properly.

    Best Regards