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SAG actor for music video
  • I'm in the process of preparing for a music video next month.We found an SAG actress that we liked, and she is willing to work with us on a tight budget(500$) for 3 days of shooting, but it seems like the ultra low budget sag contract is not allowed for music videos . Any idea what type of contract I need to make this work on a low budget for a music video rather than a short , I never worked with a SAG actors before, thanks for any info or input.

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    For videos with budgets of $200,000 or less, compensation is subject to negotiation for all covered performers.

    so in this case if she agrees on the $500 im good?

  • Yes, I believe so. Is it a speaking role? If not, then wiggle room is allowed moreso. Are you a SAG signator? Or are you using a payroll company to handle that?

  • Yeah man, you're good. Does sag want you to put anything towards H&P in that agreement?

  • Guys, no speaking involved, just acting over the video . I think it said its 12.5% for H&P , plus $175 if it airs on tv to the actor? is there a specific contract i use for the total of 500$? i could not find it on SAG's web site

  • Doesn't matter if she's speaking. She's still principle at that point. I'd just call em and ask em. The contracts are so damn hard to read. They don't make it easy at all. I'm sure if you called they'd just send you a package with all the info and forms. It's what they do for all the ULB crap that they sign off on these days.

  • ^This

    @vicharris - you know a lot of SAG stuff for a wedding videographer! ;)

  • :)

    But yeah sammy, PM me once you get ahold of SAG if you have any more questions or if I can help.

  • I've done a number of SAG contracts. I would say that it's most important to match your contract to your usage. All of the low budget agreements are for theatrical distribution and need to be expanded for a music video. There is a music video contract. You could also look at the New Media contract if it's appropriate (i.e. first viewing will be online). That said, depending on your budget, a SAG-AFTRA contract may not be within your means. You wouldn't be the first producer to fall in love with a SAG actor and ultimately have to recast. That said, SAG-AFTRA actors are usually fantastic and worth working with if everything else works.

  • Shit, Douglas is right. I meant to bring up that New Media thing. I think you can get away with murder with it. I've done a few projects with it and it's the biggest joke of a contract. I think the only purpose was to Taft Hartley people really easy so they would start paying into the union. Now every tom dick and harry can get on for making a short about them farting on one another. I'll try to pull up one of my New Media contracts tomorrow and see what it says.