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Settings for aerial videos s800 zenmuze GH2
  • Hello there, I tried different setting in the GH2, I tried Flowmotion, Moon7, Moon 5, Sedna, Sanity, Unified 88, trsut me, a lot others, but they crash on my Sd card, I have the Sandisk 64 gb 95 mb/s Extreme pro, I use Nebula 7 and Nebula 5 and they work very good, why the difference?...can anyone help me wich one is better for aerial video in a zenmuze, and I use HDMI, so is 1080 I 25p in PAL, thanks everyone for your help...

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  • You have something wrong with that card.

  • I also check that and use a different card ( Sandisk 64 gb 95 mb/s Extreme pro ), is there a chance that the file is wrong?, I downloaded from this page, can you help me where I can find the "correct" file?

  • sorry, thanks vicharris...

  • correct file? correct file for what, the setting? I'd try and do a full format on the card in your computer then in camera.

  • yes, I was talking about the setting, how do you that???....