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Feature Film shot on the Canon T2i - "I Hate Theatre!"
  • Hey guys, I just wanted to share a project I worked on last year that is finally wrapping up in post. It was shot on a T2i and edited in Premiere Pro. Below is the trailer for the movie, set to come out in the fall sometime. Color grading and sound mixing/designing hasn't been completed yet, only a quick once over for the trailer. Feel free to check it out and provide any constructive criticism or recommendations you may have.

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  • don't know about the movie Kev, but this trailer is fantastich!!!
    ja ja ja perfectly tighten up and so fucking funny
    all good my friend ;-)

  • Thanks a lot Maxr, truly appreciate your kind words! I tried to keep the trailer tight for that very reason :D

  • Great trailer!

    Didn't think about the camera the first time I watched it. The second intentionally looked for it and noticed it's limits in high contrast, dimly lit scenes as well as skin tones etc. I imagine that the content will trump the technical as it should.

    Hope the rest of the film is as good as the trailer... if so, I would like see it when available.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thank you @majoraxis

    I agree with you about the limitations. Even movng from a T2I to a GH2 with Moon is Night/Day difference. We will be using 2 GH2s for our next feature and some rented glass.

    It was definitely a learning experience for me and the what to do and what not to do arena. I'd like to say that you are right about content trumping tech but I'll leave that up to you guys. I'll be sure to share the link to the feature when it's complete.

    Thank you all again for watching!

  • Resurrecting this thread from the dead now that the entire film is done and available to the public. You could watch the extended cut or the "theatrical" cut if you want to save some time. How I wish I had the BMPCC or GH2 back in 2011 when we shot this, instead of a T2i, but hey, you live and learn!

    Enjoy friends.