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Suggestions for the best patch and settings for shooting trough a microscope
  • Hi to you all, thank you Vitaly and you all for the work you do and the informations you share with the others. This is my first post in the blog. I've a Gh2. Currently I'm using flow motion. I want to do do some video shootings trough a microscope for a documentary and I'm questioning myself about the best patch and settings I can use. I've not found another topic on the topic, forgive me if there is another one, unnoticed to me. The documentary is in 25p (ouch! the first camera operator with a pan 101 has set it). I want to follow the process of analyzing some hystological glasses, with all the focus adjustments and the movements made by the researchers in viewing trough the oculars. The movement are very quick and I think that the light is enough if I set the Iso to 600-1000. I would ask you if someone can give my an help in choosing the best settings and patches. Thank you.