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Smoothest hack, intra, macroblocking... Noob questions !
  • Hello,

    Attention, noob questions ahead !

    I would like to know a few things : - Which is the smoothest hack on the GH2 ? (All the detail, no macro-blocking) - What does "Intra" or "AVC-Intraa" mean ? - What is Auto Quantitizer ? I'm not sure if a higher number means a better image (lower compression) or it's the inverse. What is better, AQ0 (all to motion), or AQ4 (all to details) ? - What does GOP stand for, and there is "Low-GOP", but then does that mean there's "high GOP" ? What are 12/15 GOP, 3 GOP and 6 GOP ? - What are P-frames, B-frames... ? - What is "Matrix" and "444 Matrix" ? - On some settings there's written "14-16 QP", or "QP16". What does QP mean ?

    I've not seen much smooth looking GH2 videos on Youtube (unlike the canon videos), lots of them have a lot of macroblocking or whatever and causes the video not to be smooth, and sometimes there are some sort artifacts (I think it's because of the compression or something...). I'm a bit of a pixel-peeper :P Could someone explain me the causes of the un-smoothness, and why are some videos really clean compared to others ?

    Example of smooth videos I've found :

    (his videos are all smooth and clean)

    PS : Can someone give me the link to download the 244mb/s hack ?

    And here on EOSHD there's an article about Intra :

    But I still don't understand the difference between the 176mbit so-called "Intra" hack and any other one ! I'm confused...

    Please answer !

    Thank You.

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  • There's a whole section answering most of your questions. Search for them and you'll find the answers

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