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Our latest spec commercial/short with MoonT5
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  • jajaja very nice!!!

    I don't know where it's going on the air, but I have this feeling that could be shorter, more aggressively edited.
    poor doggy, is this not dangerous for him? :P

  • @maxr Yeah, it could for sure be edited down more. It was already edited down from 2 min. I'm not an editor at all. I usually give my paying gigs off to a real editor. I've looked at this damn thing so many times I'm pretty much lost in it. I'm sure a pro can cut it to a min or 45 sec no problem. Maybe I'll get someone to do it if it's not too much. All the music, clips and everything else is already there, just cut clips I guess. The CC was a nightmare since the 2 cam operator left he cam on auto wb the whole time. Like I said, I'm sure a pro can do a much better job but I just can't handle looking at it anymore! :)

  • @vicharris you've done a real fine job mr :D ... it is me that couldn't stop imagining the whole thing more animation like in respect to sound and fast cuts. kind of this well maybe that's a bit too much. Awb is real damage to the soul

    all good - max

  • LOL...the look on the dog's face on the table was like..."Wha...what you lookin at (burp)?" Looks great @vicharris