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GH2 Issue Horizontal Brown Lines
  • Hi People,

    Bought the GH2 last week and after an weekend filming and shooting photos, i noticed today strange Banding on the LCD and on the viewfinder. Most visible with very fast shutterspeed.

    Is this a damaged LCD or damaged sensor? Anyone with the same problem?

    Problem is visible with stock 1.1 firmware and also when i hack.

    Thanks in advance.

    3264 x 2448 - 1M
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  • Only to complement the information. The banding on the images are not visible.

  • Oh shit, its also visible on the photos... bad sensor?

    4608 x 3456 - 6M
  • Yikes. I would return it, yes.

  • Just contacted the store via email. Waiting for the answer. Clearly a faulty sensor. Hope i will get my money back.

  • Can anyone reproduce the glitch? Is this a normal behaviour from the gh2? Its Most visible at iso 1600 or up. And with fast shutter speed (300, 2000 or faster). The brown lines are not static. They move over time, from bottom to top.

  • So this is exactly what im experiencing

    apears to be a normal behaviour.

  • this is an effect that most cameras have under flourescent lights. try shooting with incandecent (normal) lights or out doors. if you still get the lines its the sensor. if not, just don't shoot under flourescent lights.