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Interesting rare and unknown cinematography movies
  • I have just seen this movie:

    Tony Takitani

    And i was mind blown about how coherent the cinematography was to the drama at hand, everything makes sense, quite a sad story and with an open ending, so perhaps not really appealing to a mass audience, but it has a beautiful cinematography, that proyects what the main characters feels really well, It is alo interesting for the budget filmmakers, as the style is really minimalistic and yet interesting.

    Does anyone has other cinematography jewls, that are not really well known?

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  • Pretty cool

  • It's a little formulaic and Hollywood-esque, but this little known film got me interested in cinematography...

  • Viscerally engaging.

    • Barry Lyndon
    • Days of Heaven
    • The tree of life
    • Stalker
    • Solaris
    • The Godfather
    • Hero
    • Blade Runner
    • The Duellists
    • Citizen Kane
    • Touch of Evil
    • Sin City
    • Paris, Texas
    • The New world
    • Metropolis
    • Blow Up
    • 2046
    • Unbreakable
    • The Turin Horse
    • Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

    PS: I will expanding the list.

  • @Manu4Vendetta I think you need to re-read the last sentence of the OP before adding to your list.

  • Le cue de la girafe (2004), i remember watching this some years ago, and i really liked the use of soft lights, the soft shadows really gives this movie a more tender and warmer look, even when the color is cold, i find this contradiction really interesting and appealing... it is hard to find though, i tried to look at it again but i just couldnt find it anywhere :/

    Le Cou de la girafe

  • if you dare...
    michael snow's PRESENTS

  • No (2012) Oscar nominated chilean film, they rebuild old U-matic sony cameras, to shoot this movie with a vintage look, the use of this ugly image contributes to a reppeling feel for the image, wich is much suited to the story of a plebiscite that turned down a dictator that violates human rights, also it is funny and interesting, the use of real history characters in the movie, like the former president Patricio Aylwin, that appears in his now old days for an interview, and when we see the interview, we see the real footage of that interview 20 years ago, there are more of these glympses here and there but probably only a chilean would tell who they are, but it is interesting as a concept to add into the fiction realm some recognizable history characters. This movie also use real footage of the propaganda for the Yes and the No on the referendum, and as this propaganda is the central element on the story, the use of U-matic´s is quite suited

  • I found No a gem, not only the whole visual shibang but the very cynical, ironic and demagogic, thus truly current, message and the bizarre humor which was right, right on the limit taking in account all the people the fucking bastard burn in hell during a thousand millions years Pinochet killed. I laugh my luns out, but by the end I got, maybe as René, I bittersweet taste that wouldn't leave. cheers lolo, from manolo?

  • I think Michael Mann's Miami Vice (and to a lesser extent Collateral) is an essential watch for anyone that likes shooting on cheap video cameras.

  • I think Michael Mann's Miami Vice (and to a lesser extent Collateral) is an essential watch for anyone that likes shooting on cheap video cameras.

    @Cde, The Thomson Viper and Sony F900 aren't really "cheap" video cameras, they also used Arri 235, 435 with Kodak 35mm.

  • @jpbturbo

    Yes, I know that, but Mann and Dion Beebe push the cameras in ways that draw out characteristics usually associated with 'cheapness', like high levels of noise in shadows. It has a very dirty look that forum guys pull their hair out and splash out on expensive bodies to avoid, but in it's way it actually looks really nice. Collateral has a fair bit of film, but for Miami Vice it was only used for a couple of scenes.

  • I think Michael Mann's Miami Vice (and to a lesser extent Collateral) is an essential watch for anyone that likes shooting on cheap video cameras.

    Um, no, not really. They're a lesson on how bad an expensive video camera can look. These were both shot on top-of-the-line digital cameras for their time. They only look bad for how they were used. I didn't mind it quite as much in Collateral but you never forgot you were looking at digital video. It never "looked like a movie" except for the isolated section shot on film.

    This is the same camera that also shot David Fincher's Zodiac and part of Benjamin Button.

    Michael Mann would go on to make an even more dreadful digital feature, again with expensive equipment, with Public Enemies which was extra distracting because it was a period drama. He did finally get a handle on shooting digitally with the HBO series Luck which was a beautiful show.

  • I honestly think Mann wanted it to look like camcorder video and not like a slick feature film. He kept going for those looks with top of the line DPs who know what they're doing.

    To each their own.

  • Then let's call that his "crazy" period. I'm so glad he got over it.

  • So maybe its not that unknown as a foreign film(But I am in America) --- I am blown away by "a Very Long Engagement"...Incredible cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel

    I cant seem to find anything above 480p on web though.

  • La antena.

    I was looking for a trailer

    and I found the actual film, but without subtitles and only 240p:

  • The Conformist (1970) has stunning cinematography. It was shot by a master - Vittorio Storaro. I love this film.

  • Interview with cinematographer Gordon Willis ASC, discussing his work on The Godfather, Annie Hall, Stardust Memories, Manhattan and All The President's Men, and other films.

  • nice one maxr!

  • The films that still influence me are

    Blade Runner


    Brotherhood of the Wolf



  • Dudes, this topic is about cinematography jewels, movies that are not really well known but cinematographically interesting

  • In The Mood For Love

    Ashes of Time

    Days of Being Wild

    The Grandmaster


    What Time Is It Over there?

    The Return (the one by Andrey Zvyagintsev)

    The Banishment