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Used GH3's
  • Not sure if this should have gone in the GH3 User Review section but I was wondering if anyone has seen any used GH3's around? I have the chance to pick one up today for $1050. Thought it might be a no brainer to check it out till the BMPCC arrives. Thoughts?

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  • Price looks good. You might be able to resell it for $1150 in July when BMPCC arrives (assuming amazon used prices are an indicator).

  • @matt_gh2 Yes, that's sort of what I was thinking and maybe drop one of my GH2s to offset the price. Looks like they are still going for around $500.

  • The G6 should have an effect on pricing. I still use the GH1 (two of them) for interviews and they are great. Depending on price, I could see upgrading to two G6s. I like to shoot interviews with two (or three) cameras--having all the same camera helps in matching things up.

  • Yeah. If I wanted to sell a GH2 I would def do now, just because within 6 months you'll have Pocket Cinema plus who knows what else that "beats it" on specs, so people may start selling their GH2s and drive down price.

    Only risk I see for you is if people want to get a Pocket instead of a GH3, you could see less GH3 demand. ..but given that you're at $1050, you're $100 under current prices...and I think GH3 has it's own fan base that wont be too affected by should be good to you'll get one of the 1st Pockets to be you can immediately sell your GH3.