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Premiere CS 5.5 PC and playback freezing with GH3 mov files
  • Lately my CS5.5 with cuda enabled on windows 7 64bit has been crapping itself with a large amount of scrubbed GH3 50p mov files. I get random green preview boxes on the timeline with playback freezing that causes the program to freeze. Rendering also produces green screens in random spots of the timeline also. In order for Premiere to restart and load the media files properly I have to shut down Adobe QT32 Server. I suspect it has something to do with quicktime and mov codec. Never came across this problem with GH1/GH2, only recently with GH3 footage. Its making editing impossible, its driving me nuts. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

    I am thinking of doing a system restore and reinstalling CS5.5 again.

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  • it does appear to be quicktime related. I found this little work around that has for now stopped those green screens and playback freezing, although mov playback is not as smooth as it was before, i can now get on with work. hope this helps others.