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Solo Acoustic Guitar Music Video
  • This is my first video project. I'm a musician actually (composer mostly), and I just recently invested in a GH3 and some lenses to start doing some video work, mostly of my musician friends so far. Here is a video of guitarist Chuck Johnson.

    Camera A: GH3 with SlR Magic 25mm Camera B on Jib: GH2 unhacked with Rokkor 50mm 1.7 for close-ups, and Nikkor 28mm 2.8 for wide overhead shots.

    Shooting was fun, editing was a blast, color....Wow! Color grading is very humbling. In the end, I'm not happy with the colors on the side angled camera shots. I tried my best, but obviously that's an area of expertise and skill that will take much more time to learn.

    In any case, feedback would be much appreciated!