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Vimeo Discount
  • If anyone was thinking of getting Vimeo Plus, they are running a 50% discount if you sign up for a year instead of the month to month.

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  • Very cool - thanks for the heads up.

  • Is the year usually $120?

  • no, the year is around 60 normally

  • Nice deal - although has anyone been having problems with uploading lately? I can eventually get stuff to work, but I've had an unusual amount of problems (never starts converting, long delay until converting starts, conversion happens but then doesn't finish, etc). It's frustrating when it happens on a paid account, meanwhile YouTube is free to all and has stuff live within minutes.

  • UTube belongs to "Google" inc.(they run the internet business) and that pretty much says it all(capabilities).

  • @Oedipax same here, real slow since some days. (I thought Telekom had started with restrictions already :-/)

  • I have been getting slow uploads to Vimeo for most of the year, I think it's more to do with their Content Delivery System, which I think is Amazons