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Art video for double screen HD projection
  • I want to share this video with you. The original video is a double full HD sequence made for projection in an exhibition room. Filmed with the earliest GH2 hacks. Thank you Vitali e.o. for making this camera so good!

    The video work "INVERSION", consisting of two full HD video projections side by side, shows indoor and outdoor spaces of an abandoned place in a forest. The camera slowly scans the landscape showing traces of a silent inversion of nature taking over culture and culture taking over nature.

    3840 x 1080 - 501K
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  • 4K version:

  • looks nice! which cam did you use for the 4k?

  • I am pretty sure it was two 1080 files put into a 4k timeline @dlzn

  • A-ha! Ok. Thank you for your reply. @discomandavis

  • @dlzn Thanks! discomandavis is right, I putted two 1080 files in a 4K timeline.