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Griffin and Gretchen (Web Series)
  • As many of you know I have created a Kickstarter to get my feature length motion picture into theaters. Yes, we will be paying to have it shown. If interested you can check it out at

    Anyway, a couple months ago I wrote, produced, directed, and starred in a short film. It was originally supposed to be a web series, but fate intervened.

    Project Name: Griffin and Gretchen Duration: 3: 25 Seconds (Episode 1) Camera: Canon T2i

    Story: First time directing with a first time DP. We had one day to shoot both episodes before the snowstorm hit.

    We tiered the production to have actors arrive at specific times so we could make the most of the day. Didn't happen. Only one actor was on time, and that actor was the one scheduled for late afternoon. Needless to say we ended up way behind schedule.

    Part One is more or less complete. Part Two missed the second half of the story. We ended up splicing together what we had to create a somewhat sensible story.

    Production: So many mistakes. White balance was completely off. The sound was in cam, and a T2i will not win any awards for breath taking audio.

    Editing was an adventure. It was too dark, too dark, too noisy, too quiet.

    Overall: We learned quite a bit.

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  • Color correcting I may have over done a few things. What tips can you guys give me on color correcting and grading? And for those of you that have done crowdfunding, what tips can you give me for Angels, Aliens, and Monsters?