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Wanted: photo Screengrabs of World Television EPG show guides
  • Guys, I need a favour for a project Im working on and thought this would be the ideal place to ask for help.

    I urgently need ORIGINAL photographic Screengrabs (RAW preferred) of YOUR country's TV 'electronic programme guide' (EPG).

    I require stuff like platform guide overviews Freesat, Freeview, Canal Plus, Viasat, etc... for each country (exactly as the example shot below for Sky) so any of you who have the time (it'll only take a few minutes!) can you take a picture of the screen when you press the GUIDE button on your TV's remote.

    Its for a global television project Im involved in. Trying to collect every TV box programme guide.

    email: or dropbox/web link me to your images.

    I would love to see them from all over the world but Europe is particular urgent :-)

    Try to shoot at 50 shutter for PAL Europe and 60ss for for NTSC. Tripod it too if you cant keep a steady shot.

    Satellite, Cable, or Terrestrial EPG guides only (not online EPGs)

    Many thanks.


    PS DON'T post them here as VK will get annoyed.

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  • @driftwood Will do tonight. East coast United States here - it's Verizon Fios.

  • Thanks Matt. Is there not anyone -particularly in France and Germany - in Europe who can do this for me!?

  • I can do it in France

  • I can do it, but I live in Switzerland. Does that help or are you just looking for ones specifically from France and Germany?

  • In Italy, only sky there on the Satellite, DTT broadcasters free use side rails of the TV ...

  • PM'd Samsung - Freeview - UK

  • Thanks @omellan. Its not usable unfortunately. I really need flatscreen - perfect picture of the screen. If you know anyone who has Canal + France in your area and can do another picture (similar to mine above) - that would be great.

    @FilmCat Ive responded to you by pm.

    @muddmanrich , @maxmizer and anyone else still wondering what to do!

    I need ANYTHING relatively decent picture (preferably from a flatscreen) - just turn on your TV and whether you use Swiss, Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland, Canal + France, Canal Plus Spain, etc... whatever it is! I need the screen grabs!

    Exactly as my example. Just load up the EPG Guide and take a nice even photo of it! Thanks.


  • I can do it for a standard sky box and tivo on freeview in NZ. Someone else will need to do standard freeview, cable, etc.

  • I can do it for midwest USA if you need it?

  • will do one of Telekom Germany "entertain" later on

  • @peaceonearth @omnidecay @disordinary Thanks guys.

    Still need more.

    Need more people here to spend two minutes of their time taking a photo of their on-screen TV guide and sending me a hi-qul jpg/png or raw if you want.

  • sent standard EPG

  • Could you list the countries from which you've got an EPG grab by now? Or are multiple versions of the same countries welcome too? And what about printscreens of EPGs on computers (the HTPC)?

  • Belgium, GB, Norway, Canada, Poland, Tivo only useable. I dont mind multiple versions - best I will use.

    I NEED:-

    Germany (Telekom, Kabel Deutschland, Sky Deutschland), France (Canal +), all/any from USA, Viasat, Asia, Multichoice (SA), Portugal (TVcabo, cabovisao), Russia, Eastern Europe, Spain (, etc...

    So as u can see I haven't got many :-(

    Maybe no pv users have a TV?!

    BTW: I dont need online EPG guides - thats easy for me!

  • I've sent you mail 3 days ago, was that ok?

  • @inqb8tr Thanks mate - excellent.

  • @Driftwood Just sent you two links for Dropbox. USA - AT&T U-Verse. Let me know if you need anything different.