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  • Hi!

    I do understand why PAL and NTSC exists, but what I do not understand why there are so many limitations with cameras. Perhaps you can enlighten me?
    1) The Sony F3, a $16K camera, can't switch PAL/NTSC. What's so hard about it that they have two models? Marketing reasons?
    2) Often you can't use the same memory card; if you record PAL you need to reformat to record NTSC.

    What I don't understand... framerate is just something digital, so why can't we set framerate incrementally by frame? Is it more hard for a manufacturer to deliver 22 fps than say 24p? Ofcourse I do understand that you have a max framerate because of the chip / recording format.
    If the reason is they want to keep within official specifications, then why official specifications only have a few framerate options?