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Radian: Motion Timelapse Device
  • I came across the Radian on google searching for an automatic panning device and stumbled upon their kickstarter. Their project is fully funded now and they are shipping the devices as we speak. Looks good, it says it is not meant for video panning, not meant for, but might work? Couldn't find anything about Radian on this site so figured someone might wanna have a closer look at this so i posted it...

    This comes from their website

    Radian is a remarkably powerful, yet wonderfully simple smartphone-controlled device that lets you take stunning panning and tilting time-lapses with your dSLR camera or smartphone (in conjunction with another time-lapse app). With our free iOS/Android/web app, simply upload the desired time-lapse settings to Radian, unplug, and let Radian do the rest.

    From time-lapses of sweeping landscapes to stormy clouds to busy street corners, the possibilities are limitless. In fact, the usefulness of time-lapses, especially panning ones, go beyond just creative endeavors. Its uses extend from architectural/construction site surveying, to documentation of projects, to even anthropological studies in urban environments. With panning, you can now capture the entire scene around you.

    Radian is small, rugged, weather-resistant, and can handle anything you throw at it. It can rotate side-to-side. It can tilt up and down (with optional L-bracket). It can dynamically speed up and slow down. And if you have a Canon dSLR, you can change exposure to capture sunrise and sunset. You name it. With our app, the sky is the limit.

    *Note: Radian is not meant for video panning

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  • @andrevanberlo

    Varavon Timeroid will have similar functions.

  • what i liked about the radian is it is very light (i'm a backpacker) but i would actually love to use it for video too(and radian is not possible for video according to the website

    That vavaron timeroid looks interesting!