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New music video - released today
  • I shot it on bmd / gh2 and a variety of lenses... Did all the editing and post. (not perfect, but I learned a lot!)

    Sorry for the "youtube grain"; it´s out of my control.

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  • A vimeo version will be up tomorrow. I´d welcome some feedback on how it looks for you; it seems like I´d need to do a rec709 conversion as an option - or maybe someone has a better idea? (it looks quite washed out on my old computer, not at all like the coloring on my work comp).

  • Hey, that looked great! Good animation and tracking. I thought the animation style and color correction/cinematography worked together well. The low contrast look of the video suited the tone of the song.

    I would have liked the underwater sequence to look a little bluer, but the green I guess suites the color palette of the rest of the video better. Lastly would have liked to have seen her animated friends at the end of the video too.

    Good job overall! :) ...I think a 1080P version on Vimeo would look even better too.

  • Wilbo: Thanks! I´ll put up a 720p version available for download tomorrow; should look a lot better! I decided to go downscale (720p project master) in part because I wanted it to look like s16 footage and in part since we had so little control when shooting underwater, some of the footage is still up-rezzed quite a bit but it´s not that noticeable! A 1080p up-rez might look better in terms of compression (if not downloaded) though.

  • Very nice.

  • what did you shoot the underwater clips with?

  • All were done with a gh2 in an Ewa marine housing! In part I used a DIY leveler to keep the cam underwater and steady.. The scenes with the star where shot very early morning at the local swimming pool; and a 12v DIY led for lighting. (I tried to crush as much as possible of the background) Those shots where in turn composited with underwater shots from the river.

  • Now vid available for download at vimeo: