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Difference between a Hack and a Patch ?
  • Could someone explain me the difference between a normal hack and a patch please ? (if there is one ?) On this site they say how to hack the camera (Ch.3), but on Ch.4 it tells us how too use patches, like "Spanmybitchup v1".

    So is there any difference ?

    Thank you.

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  • When they say patch, they mean hack settings, but patch is the wrong name. Don't call them patches. Patches are actually the individual changes that Ptool can make, i.e., each thing that an individual checkbox enables.

    Just go by the FAQs here on personal-view. There is lots of outdated and incorrect information on other sites.

  • Thank you for clearing my mind !

  • @TruHype neither terminology is outdated really... If you told me you hacked the firmware i would understand you patched it against the company's wishes and thus little difference between a hack or a patch in this context. I hope that answers your topic title but i answer it in detail below...

    @balazer two things

    1. The op confused my guide all by himself, he didn't bother to read first just like you. I never said one was a "normal hack" or a patched hack or w.e was confused. Next time actually visit the tutorial you dismissed.

    2. Don't misinform newbies!! its very frustrating when you misinform them.

    Updating the firmware by changing just the needed code or updating the needed code is patching it. Just because ptool makes it EASY for you and easy on the eyes to update the necessary code by using check boxes per effected area doesn't mean its not a patch. Yes you can save and share those changes/patches.. great...but still patches.

    I always look forward to good patches in games, programs, and cameras i use because patches are great when they improve something, and ptool allows you to patch Panasonic firmware and improve it.

    Patching the firmware is looked at as hacking it simply because the changes we make are unauthorized changes to the code. If Panasonic patches it themselves than its an authorized update and not a hack, but we are not panny so its a hack. Do you understand now? It is called a hack because its not the original intention of the company who made the game or software or firmware. Any unauthorized changes or patches that are not to the manufacturer's intention of the software is called hacking it. But we are patching the firmware all the same, its just sad our improvements are unauthorized use and thus we are labeled as hackers. They are very much patches we are sharing and applying those patches/updates = hacking the firmware because its an authorized change/update. It is not wrong to call them patches Neither technically or by strict definition of what a patch means.

  • PTool settings tell PTool how to patch a firmware image. The settings themselves are not patches. Vitaliy has expressly forbidden the use of the word "patch" to mean PTool settings.