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Variable frame rates question
  • It is very exciting that it is possible to get better looking pictures with GH2. My question is is it possible to record 50fps or 12fps, by the way I really do appreciate your effort and time you have put in next time I will donate.
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  • I suggest you to check GH2 camera manual to find answer to this question.
  • I would like to ask a few simple question I just bought my first GH2 and have been working on getting the Hack installed all day. I am very confused I am looking at the menu screen and dont see any 24p only AVCHD 1080i, AVCHD 720p and Motion JPEG.
    is that correct ? are their any changes to the menu once Hack is loaded ?
    I have tried to record in all 3 formats but once the files are loaded on my Macpro only the 720p is to be found?. I am reasonably tech savvy but feel very lost.
    any help would be great I have been looking for answers all day.
    So what I have achieved so far I have the APP working on PC downloaded patch and updated to recommended settings loaded on to card and on to camera. what now how do I access and see the settings on the camera ?
  • All your probs are not fps related i'm afraid. :-)

    The settings you have patched/checked in ptool and loaded in your cam become the "default" settings of your camera (if that make sense). As far as I know, there is no change in the gh2 menu after the hack.

    How do you load your recorded files from the GH2 to your mac (I ask for others to help you with that : I don't use mac) ?