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New GH2 Beauty film.
  • Cinema like light handling...but vimeo compression make bad move on me.

    GH2 when properly exposed handles like a champ.

    2 GH2 cameras

    Rokinon cine lenses:

    • 14mm T3.1,
    • 25mm T1.5,
    • 35mm T1.5,
    • 85mm T1.5

    Shutter speed 40 "magic trick on cadence"

    Profile: smooth -2,-2,-0,-2

    The trick here is to underexpose the camera and use proper ND filters. New patches allow to handle good recovery on gamma curves. I think the cadence also improves when shutter is at 40.

    Im no pro color corrector, so some shots are not well balanced.

    I did the Direction and cinematography

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  • It is all good, but next time post in proper category.

  • thanks. i thoght it was on category sorry.

  • recut to 1.3 minutes from 6 minutes

  • @endotoxic Looks great. Good music. Actress good. All good.

  • Reminds me of "Legend", the 80's movie with tom cruise, mia sara and tim curry, especially from the scene with the horse.