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Looking for some feedback on my first music video
  • Hi Folks.. This is my first noob music video. Looking for any feedback on what I could have done to improve shooting, editing or lighting. Thanks!

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  • The opening shot was a little confusing to me. I would have intercut some tight shots of the passed out dude with a wide that made it more apparent that someone was lying there. I didn't notice him until the second shot. My eyes were too busy reading the graphics. The whole opening shot was too busy for anything establishing. I thought the flow was pretty good with the edits. It could have used a few more cuts, but you didn't try to make it too ADD-ridden, which is overdone far too often these days. The shot of the guys in the wine cellar or lounge could have benefitted from a little more lighting. You can keep it moody, but it appeared that it was mostly spill on the bottles from your key source. Hit the background with a small source so that it doesn't turn to murky mud. On shots when there were other people in there, they could have been lit with just pools of light from lekos or small fresnels that were "snooted" down. If it looks over lit to the eye, you can always stop down a little... For a first video, I thought it was pretty darn good. Oh, and it's a rap video. Needs more Bootay! :)

  • Hi @rockroadpix.. Thanks for the great advise! Specially about the lighting in the tabacco/wine cellar. I tried using the opening scene (first 5 seconds ~) for the title scene however I do agree it is confusing.

  • Video looks good. Agree with more booty idea. So more booty, less sucking c-ck (cigars)...I mean, apparently these are supposed to be "hard" rap guys right? But video itself looks damn good and music has pretty good flow.

  • @matt_gh2 and @p13dm thanks for the advise, it is nice to hear another persons take on it

  • greetings. its well shot. lighting is fine. i think what lets it down is the edit, which generally means the 'story' is not so clear or its just not attention grabbing enough. i like the track too. you could have used a bit more hand held camera work - using a rig or stabiliser etc. It seems like there are a couple of flash frames - about 48 secs for example. or is this intentional? looks a bit like a mistake (and one editors sometimes make)

  • @leftedit I just learned a new phrase. yes you are right it seems there is flash frame at 46.. it must have been my mistake. I can see playing back the video at 50%. great eye dude.

  • I think it is very good. The audio is a little bit out of sync, but that probably is Vimeo, all their audio is out of sync lately. If it were my video (but what do I know) I would draw the viewer in more in the first five seconds--that is the point at which people will watch or flip. I would run a power mask (RedGiant or similar) on the left side of the wine cellar to even out the exposure and bring up some of that interesting detail, and run the same power mask on the blue sky to just bring the brightness one notch and maybe tweak the color if it needs it. But it looks very good as is.

    Audio mix--favors the mids. I would prefer some highs and a more defined bass, or even a bit more bass if it will image OK. The voice image stays the same indoors and outdoors, right or center. Don't know if you want to mess with that or not.

  • @adamquesada there is another one in there later on in the vid too... cant remember where right now. you get to spot them with time. helps if you have a broadcast monitor to view your edits on sometimes.

    i do it still tho, hopefully it will go unnoticed most of the time ;) haha

    good track by the way, i like the artist