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What does the My colour mode do when filming?
  • Hi!

    I've searched for answers but came up with nothing, if there is an answer please point me in the right direction and close this thread. Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong category.

    I'm using the GF2 (hacked) for filming with old vintage lenses. I mainly use a Canon FD 50 mm 1,4 and a Canon FD 28 mm f2,8. When I try to shoot wide open the image gets all blown out (of course) and a ND-filter would help me with that. But when I shoot in any of the My colour modes the image is fine.

    So what does the My colour mode (except the obvious effects) do that I can't do in manual mode? I know there's no manual controls when recording video so does it really matter what mode I shoot in? I'm thinking that the custom My colour mode (without changing any settings to the colour) is cheaper than a variable ND-filter, if the mode doesn't do something wierd with my video...

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  • That's because in My color mode your shutter speed goes to automatic, and compensates. .

  • Thanks! As soon as I read this I tested shutting flicker red off and got the same result as in My colour mode. So I guess I'll go get me a variable ND-filter.