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GH2 (A cam) & GF3 (B cam) stable Patchs for SKATEBOARDING filming
  • I've got a GH2 as A cam and just recieved a GF3 as B cam that I'm using for skateboard filming and would like any suggestion to hack the GF3 for best motion and being fully stable cam (span etc) and GH2 for best shoots (I've tested MOON and looks great). Is GF3 hacking like GH2 hacking (same flow)? And can you use the same patches on both? THANKS.

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  • I've been using flowmotion for several skate videos on my GH2 and I've never had any problem so far. Looks very good by moderate bitrate. I will upgrade my 45MB/s extreme card to a 95MB/s SD card to try the cluster X series (Spizz or Slipstream), because up until now, I still get some sudden recording stops in HBR mode.

  • @Alex_K double the AVCHD bitrates? what does this mean? I just want a GF3 patch, I'm not sure of changing setting on a patch without knowing what I'm doing...

  • Ok, let's see, I've tryed both @driftwood Cluster X Slipstream#3 & Moon on my new GF3 with 64GB SanDisk 95MB/s and don't know if i'm doing it right because i just see the change from PAL to NTSC but nothing else, no 50 or 60p, no big bitrate improvement (just a few MBps, from 17 to 24 or so) and have some doubts if GF3 is as hackeable as GF2 'cos i read lots of coments where people talk about 60p on GF2 at 72 MBps (for example)... What am i doing wrong? is GF3 as hackeable as GF2? I attach two files with a mts i have just record, first with Slipstream and second with Moon... Please help me, I can still return the camera to the store and maybe it's better looking for a GF2. Thanx! @vitaliy_kiselev & @driftwood for all the hard work, amazing...

    00000 (Slipstream) 1.jpg
    520 x 509 - 69K
    00000 (Slipstream) 2.jpg
    520 x 509 - 55K
    00000 (Moon) 1.jpg
    520 x 509 - 70K
    00000 (Moon) 2.jpg
    520 x 509 - 55K
  • Can't upload files, so i uploaded some screenshot from VLC player at the end of the clip File upload failed. Reason: The post data was too big (max 8M)... any sugestions?

  • @kaikerr 17899 Kb/s (Kilobyte) are 139,83 Mbps (megabits)...or 17,47 Mb/s (megabyte)...

  • @maxmizer my hacked GH2 with the same patch (MOON) does it at 50 Mbit/s (60p)... ¿?

    Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 11.45.44 PM.jpg
    1278 x 738 - 322K
    Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 11.46.46 PM.jpg
    567 x 357 - 53K
  • @kaikerr I was wondering if you ever figured out why the GF3 was recording at such a low bit rate? Did you get it to work or did you switch to the GF2?