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GH3 unflattering skintone with custom profile
  • Hi all, not sure if this has been covered yet but when I first got my gh3 i did what i usually do with my gh1/2 and dialed down everthing to -5 except sharpness (because i like sharpness). I instantly noticed a very plasticy pinky magenta skintone on subjects, its almost like someone has passed one of those bad 80's beauty filters on it.

    Same for raw photos on cam, although when imported into lightroom it autocorrects and the image looks great. How do I get a neutral flat video profile like the GH2 on the GH3? What setting is everyone using? Ended up reaching for the GH2 to shoot instead today.

    Tempted to leave the cam on standard portrait mode with contrast dialed down only as saturation seems to be the main cause of this plasticy look. Whats everyones thoughts on this?


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  • cool, done. thanks

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