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Why no 400mm or longer M43 Lenses
  • I might be answering this question myself but I would still like to hear from others on this topic. As far as I know 300mm is the top end for M43 lenses. I own the Pana 100-300 lens and use it a lot for bird photography and I enjoy its qualities. I'm wondering if there is a specific technological reason why neither Pana or Oly have not come out with a longer M43 lens. Is it just a size consideration as it would be too big for M43 cams? I guess I could understand that. Maybe there is no demand for anything longer than 300mm for M43?

    I've adapted several longers FD lenses to my GH2 and it works of course but I would really love a true M43 400mm or longer lens. I suppose with the Metabones thingy I could adapt a Canon 600mm EF lens and go that route but that'll cost many benjamins for sure. My 100-300 lens is very portable so I think that 400mm could be done but perhaps 300mm is the technological sweet spot for M43 cams and lenses and going 400mm would be just too difficult?


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  • Hello Harold, by using ETC mode, you can see longer scene with your 100-300 lens.

  • @ragnar

    Main issue with longer lenses is that they are for specific purposes.

    Just ask yourself how much 600mm lenses are available for casual FX shooter? And how much they cost?

  • I got my Tokina AT-X Pro SD 400mm/5.6 for about $100.. manual aperture ring as well as 'auto' with screw driven AF for Nikon and 2.5m close focus without extension tube.. great lens.. nice MF ring.. perfect for Super-Tele/Wildlife video on the GH2.

    It's quite compact and light for a lens of it's focal length and speed.

    Also with super-tele lengths, you need a sturdy tripod collar around the lens to work with it, being supported from beneath the camera is not good for video, because you will get lots of wobble in the image when moving or touching camera and/or lens because of the off-center balance of gravity.

    Found that on my 200/4 Super Takumar that has no tripod collar.

  • Thank you for the thoughts and replies. It 's about what I thought: that 300mm is about the max for a fully auto M43 lens. I do use the Ex.Tele feature and it does come in handy. I was just hoping that Pana or Oly might just make a 400mm M43 lens but that, as Vitaliy pointed out above , is just too specific to be profitable as not many people would demand it or use it.


  • try to find walimex pro 500mm for microfourthirds no ois and no AF but have look

  • On his actual question (from 2013) by now they have made longer. The Panasonic-Leica 100-400. With a TC it gets even longer. Very nice lens but a bit on the expensive side for m4/3. If I ever see a deal on one though I'm snagging it because it was very fun to shoot with on a rental.