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Finding Videography work overseas namely Tokyo
  • I am really struggling to simply find listings for Videography jobs here in tokyo, and was hoping someone may know a resource. I am supposed to be starting wedding shooting soon, but I am not holding my breath as Tokyo people often flake. It's either this or take on another English teaching job, and I really really don't want to do that. I plan on being here for another year and would like to dedicate this year to rising up to the next level and being able to really call myself a professional. Any guidance is appreciated.

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  • How do you plan on getting a visa sponsorship with a freelance job? Take the english job and do video on the side.

  • what ^^^he said.

    i dont think there is a listings thing here and if there is you're command of japanese better be good. and if there is chances are that the pay will be shit as most people here go on referrals,... you know how it is, they go on referrals for which public toilet to use :P

    also if you're only here for a year then perhaps a short film competition might be a better way to perfect your craft, there are loads of competitions, local and national. i forget the website but you can probably google 動画撮影大会

    NPO's and community groups are a good way to get your name out and network as alot of people are part of more than one,.... and i'm finding that they're alot more fun than weddings as each group's purpose is different.

    good luck man.