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Rode smartLav - lapel mic for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • This little mic appears to be a professional grade lapel mic and sounds quite OK. With the RODE Rec iPhone app, it will be relatively cheap ( less than $100 ) external recording solution.

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  • FOr me it looks like strange product, as oyou can get lapel and recorder for same sum. And you won't be so disappointed in the moment your client will sit with iPhone in hip pocket :-)

  • And the phone rings in the middle of a recording...ouch.

  • My local distributor in Melbourne has them on order and I will buy one to try it out and let you know what it's like. If it's half as good as their pin or lavalier mic - it will be a winner for me. BTW I had a look at the app and find it ok. @Rambo I thought of exactly the same scenario... but what the hell, we are all professionals aren't we...? Besides, I can always find a reason to ground my daughter and steal her ipod touch:)

    Just found out that the the smartLav is shipping to authorised RODE retailers worldwide this month, at a suggested retail price of US$60 and in Australia AU$65.

  • @silverfox Just put your iPhone in Airplane mode so you get no incoming calls or texts. Hopefully they will have a "lock" button so once you start recording...none of the controls are activated by body heat. Idea sounds great. I wasnt too thrilled with sound sample on rode site - maybe just a bad sample. You're right, that other newly introduced Rode lav was surprisingly njce sounding. But why not try it out for $60. If you're up for it, maybe post a few audio samples once you've got it sounding good. Good luck - nifty solution if it works.

  • I got one of these to test it. It's not bad at all, I've managed to tone down the hiss that some online complained about. Anyone have experience using this mic and how they maximised its use including editing in post?

  • They made now SmartLav+

  • i bought one for interviews. made a trrs to trs adapter and extension cable to use with my audio recorder. reason i bought it was so that I could use the rode invisible sleeves to hide the lav's better. thats right, i bought the lav because i wanted to use the invisible sleeve =)