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Problem with Sound setup Zoom H1/Gh2
  • I bought the Zoom H1 today along with a 3.5mm to 2.5mm 4 plug adapter. I am a complete noob when it comes to anything sound related and I seem to be having a problem. I plug the cable from Line in to the adapter then the adapter into the GH2. The little microphone icon appears on the camera and it disables the onboard microphone however the left channel is stuck at 3 bars and the right channel is not changing at all. I get no sound from either the internal microphone or Zoom H1. I'm guessing it is the adapter.

    Anyone had the same problem?

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  • The GH2's mic input takes a standard 2.5-mm 3-pole plug, not 4-pole like some headsets use. You need an attenuator when going from a headphone output to a mic input. Any cheap inline headphone volume control will work.

  • So I just need to replace my 4-pole adapter with a 3-pole and it should work fine?

  • You might have the wrong adapter but also, as balazer said, you need an attenuator of some kind, an attenuator cable that will match zoom's headphone output level to the mic input of the gh2.

    Like this one:

  • Just check the compatibility chart, there are some differences depending on specific camera manufacturer.

  • Ahhh I see, I had heard about the Sescom cable before but I thought it was optional. I'll buy a 3-pole adapter and see if I have any luck, if not I'll buy the Sescom cable.

    Thanks for your help guys

  • I bought the SEscom cable and when inserted in my GH1 the actual plug on the 2.5mm end makes a poor connection with the GH1 socket. All other 2.5 plugs inserted are fine including adapters. Maybe I just got a bad SEscom cable, the connection is intermittent, seems like a poor fit when inserted. The alcheapo inline headphone volume control works best, go figure.

  • I don't have any Sescom cable, the link was just for illustration purposes, not recommendation. I have Zoom H4N and Gh2 but I record audio to H4N only, and sync afterwards with pluraleyes.

    Try the volume controller, sounds resonable.

  • So I got my 3 plug adapter and it works correctly now. The only issue I have now is that the audio is extremely quiet and I have to up the DB in after effects. Am I right in saying that if I bought the Sescom cable it would resolve this issue?

    Thanks for your helps guys

  • "I plug the cable from Line in to the adapter then..."

    Do you mean your GH2 is plugged into the LINE IN jack of the H1?

  • I plug the cable from Line in to the adapter then the adapter into the GH2

    @spacewig thanks for noticing that! :)

    @hakosuka If you are connecting one input to another input you're not gonna get too far. Usual setup would be to connect your audio recorder's output to GH2 input. Since there are no dedicated balanced outputs on consumer audio recorders, people connect headphone output to mic input. Headphone output is usually to hot for mic input, and causes recorded audio on your camera to clip. Therefore an attenuator cable, or some kind of resistor/potentiometer should be placed in between to lower the level of your audio.

    I can't figure how did you succeed to record anything out of line IN.

  • As I say I am a complete noob when it comes to anything sound related. I hadn't used line in for anything sorry, I used the headphone output on the left hand side of the zoom, then aux to adapter then into GH2. At the moment I don't seem to have any problems with clipping, if anything it's way to low to clip. The setup I have at the moment seems to work fine but I just have to adjust the DB in after effects to around 9+

  • @inqb8tr When you say headphone output is too hot, you mean charged?

    I want to use my Tascam DR40 with GH3 by running a 3.5mm male to male cable between headphone/line out of DR-40 and run it into GH3 mic input. When I do this, i get a permanent hiss and the audio is not usable. DR-40 records fantastic sound but I hate post sync.... is this attenuator cable the answer?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Well, when you raise audio level in post, you also raise the inherent noise level called the noise floor, and quality of your recording progressively deteriorates, to the point where bothering with additional audio recorder is pointless.

    I am not sure how your level has gotten so low, since it should be the opposite - to high.

    There are these things that strike my mind,

    • volume level on zoom's headphones/line out, or input gain control in GH2 - set too low.

    • bad cable / adapter, but that most likely wouldn't just lower the volume but rather introduce other unwanted electronic hiss or noises like cold solder noises or similar.

  • When you say headphone output is too hot, you mean charged?

    Too loud.

    If you are getting a prebuilt cable get the one with a splitter. It has one more output that you can use for monitoring. I don't know what do you use your gear for, but for any serious use, monitoring while youre recording audio is absolutely necessary.

  • The GH3 has a dedicated Headphone socket and with the right settings you can monitor what level is actually being recorded. So I really need just a straight 3.5 to 3.5 i think.

    Any suggestions, struggling to find one in the uk for under £30 which seems a bit extreme.

  • The GH3 has a dedicated Headphone socket

    Nice :)

    I really don't know about cables, I record sound directly to my H4N, and sync in post. Many people here sacrifice some comfort to retain the best quality of picture as well as sound.

  • Any idea which Sescom cable to get for the GH3? I see they sell models for the GH1/GH2, but I'm not sure which is appropriate for the GH3.

    BTW, I would be using this with either the Tascam DR-40 or DR-680. Monitoring off the GH3 has latency, (real time audio monitoring doesn't seem to work with hdmi output) so I may opt for the Secom cable with the headphone monitor tap. If anyone know which Sescom part number to order, I'd appreciate it.


  • Hi. Wanted to ask, if i dont use the attenuator cable but a regular 1/8″ Y cable can that destroy/damage the dslr’s mic in? Canon T3i to be exact. Thank you.

  • @John11

    All must be ok, but sound can be distorted (due to clipping) if level is too high.