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What is your TOP 5 favorite settings?
  • I thought a topic like this would be good for beginners because there are SEVERAL settings to decide between. I figured they would get a start in the right direction with this, instead of testing EVERY single setting ever made, because lets face, it can become overwhelming.

    1. Sedna aq1 (for being an epic legend)

    2. Intravenous / Moon (this is a tie for now until I do more testing with moon. Intrav. has the best looking noise IMO)

    3. Apoc Now Cluster 7 Sharp 2

    4. Cluster v8 DREWnet

    5. Quantum 9b

    honorable mention: sanity 5.1

    Also, if you want to explain what or why you like that setting, feel free. It is really hard to pick favorites, but If I had only 5 to pick from, it would probably be these.

    I would make this "top 10" but I wanted to force people to pick the settings they REALLY like. Feel free to update your list as testing continues ; )

    @driftwood, I'm especially curious to know what your top 5 would be, if it's even possible for you to decide. lol

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    1. Intravenus 1
    2. Valkyrie
    3. Cluster v6 nebula
    4. Flow Motion v2.02/gopezilla
    5. Sedna AQ 1

    I guess Moon will be in the top 3 soon, but i have not been shooting enough with it yet. I really love the grain of Intravenus. Valkyrie is top notch aswell. Flow Motion is just super reliable in any scenario.

    1. Moon (Cluster X Driftwood) ---- scary setting, new camera feeling !!
    2. MegaQuant 'Drewnet' (Cluster X Driftwood)
    3. Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_BETA (bkmcwd)
    4. Sedna AQ-1 MaxDetail (Driftwood)
    5. Intravenus I (Driftwood)

    [Ralph_B's Sanity 5.1 is really not bad, but I don't like LPowell's Flow Motion.]

  • I never experimented with these settings. In Ptools I just enable the high iso, set the datarate to 48Mbps and gop to GOP3 and it is done. (GOP3 avoids that strange diagonal pulsing pattern in some players)

  • More or less in this order.

    1) Orion 4d I think it is 4d or maybe 4b (it is on my other system, and I will update this detail later). It was gorgeous and played very nicely with all my cards. Something about this patch was very very pleasing to my eyes.

    2) Sedna B. very similar to Orion, but slightly better looking, however doesn't always play nice with my cards.

    3) Seaquake. Never could get it to play nice with my cards, but the footage was amazingly. This was pre Driftwood Matrices, so it is panny colors, but they are not without their charm.

    4) Canis Majoris Night Still the best low light settings IMHO.

    5) Tie between Cake and Sanity Sorry, I cannot choose between these two. They both work with no issues. And give me economy for long shoots. I believe Cake gives me a bit more time on my memory cards. But Sanity is not without it's charm.

    Driftwoods latest settings look great, but something about these older patches has me always coming back to them.

    Honorable mentions - Rocket, Terraquake, Mysteron, Canis Majoris Day, Boom.

  • I am completely monogamous ;)

    I only use Sedna AQ1. I like it very much, and I am to lazy to experiment.

    I like this topic though.

  • @inqb8tr I guarantee if you use moon for a few days, you'll like it. it's really pretty nice

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  • @apefos @inqb8tr @edgenumbers

    Check topic title, all messages that do not contain list of 5 settings will be removed soon.

    So, keep on topic.

  • in 24p mode:

    • 1 Moon (Driftwood)
    • 2 Valkyrie Cinema Smooth (bkmcwd)
    • 3 Sedna A AQ1 (Driftwood)
    • 4 GOLGOP3-13 (bkmcwd)
    • 5 24p25p-9 (my own setting)

    in 25p mode (HBR & 1080i50):

    • 1a. Spizz (Driftwood) & 1b. GOLGOP3-13 (bkmcwd) (Spizz all around / GOLGOP3 for tungsten lowlight)
    • 3 24p25p-9 (my own setting)
    • 4 Valkyrie Cinema Smooth (bkmcwd)
    • 5 Sanity 3 (Ralph_B)