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Short "Coincidences" (shot with GH3 & various primes)
  • This was our fun winter project, its in german (no subs), but one can get the meaning anyways I guess. ;-)

    Technical details


    • GH3 (unhacked since no hacks available itm)


    • 12mm 1.6 SLR Magic (should not have passed quality control at SLR Magic as you might see)
    • 25mm 0.95 Nokton
    • 35mm 1.4 Samyang
    • 40mm 1.8 Hexanon
    • 50mm 1.7 Pentax K
    • 85mm 1.4 Samyang (what a nice portrait lens for this money!)


    • Premiere
    • After Effects
    • bunch of plugins
    • bunch of people
    • a little time

    Additonal Comments: The GH3 is a nice little cam and dids its job very well. I did not really recognize the difference in latitude, but had no direct comparision anyways. Moire did hit us once pretty hard. Until its hacked I prefer GH2 since 72 Mbit is just not enough for Intra.

    Any kind of feedback is very welcome.

    (edit: Markup preview and final view if completly different!)

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  • The shots where it's soft on the right of the frame, is that the SLR 12mm? Mine is soft in that exact same spot but I somehow manage to shoot around it for my purposes.

  • Yes, thats the SLR 12mm, to my eyes it looks like something is not in plane with the sensor. It arrived the day we shot, so we had no time to test it. I can believe thats how its ment to be and suggested to send it back.

  • I respect the time and effort, but I'm not sure if this was intended to look more like day time television or a movie. what was the shutter setting and what was the export setting?