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Gh3 Audio settings NTG3 with IRig, Rode VMP and wireless ew112
  • I finaly found same time to play with GH3. Could not find any Audio results/tests with different mics. So here we go one of my first GH3 use with best test talent :):

    Rode VMP and wireless ew112 with 1-19 sets in GH3

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  • NTG3 with GH3 and IRig "Test"

  • @konjow not bad! I was just looking at some simple set-ups for event videography using the GH3 with either the VMP or the NTG3. Can you tell me which iRig version you used and how you connected it to the GH3? Any adapter cables needed? Thx

  • Thanks @Tobsen I could not find any test of NTG3 with Irig so I I did my way test-glad it helps. Its connected as guided in "IRig hack DSLR Film Noob" simple DIY and 3.5 jack to jack. However I still need to find proper one. I have few jack jack but they jump out (from GH3) or decrease sound quality. Short angle 3.5 jack to jack Hi quality (I think stereo) its needed. Any suggestions welcome.

  • @konjow thanks a lot! I might go for that combo. I still have a jack to jack from a company called "Oehlbach" that is super high quality. Maybe that could be one that works very well, but it has its cost.

  • same of my jack's does not get deep enough (kind of click) dont know if its jack or GH3 plug's shape issue.

  • Know what you mean. Gonna try the Oehlbach jacks once I am back home on Tuesday and report back.

  • Ive compared side by side 3.5 jack's from Rode video mic pro with other jack from other cable. They looks identical and are the same size. However first one fits into GH3 perfectly and other cables does not-easily slide out. What is the secret? :)

  • The Oehlbach jack to jack fits very similar to the Rode jack. Seems secure to me. They also look better :)

  • thanks @Tobsen I will get this one I checked my Higher quality Qed with the same result - so its not about price :)

  • @konjow I ordered the iRig pre over the wekend and got it today. I will go for the cable adapter approach though cuz I like the fact that I can quickly record the sound from an XLR mic straight to my iPhone.

  • @Tobsen if you wont to go straight to your iphone then you dont need adapter. Irig is design for iphone

  • yeah, sorry for my misleading statement. I want to do both, iPhone and camera.

  • adapter may reduce quality.

  • may be true. When the adapte arrives I will go and see if the quality is sufficient for what I want to use it for.