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Cute Anime girls / GH2 / Nokton 17.5mm F0.95
  • Maybe I am tired of spending days editing, or maybe the 17.5mm lens just gives me so many nice shots it is easier to do. Whatever it is, I slapped this little film together in 20 minutes + 30 for the video, and I am fairly pleased with the results. Oh wait, it's probably just the sexy Japanese girls in cosplay that has me watching it over and over ;)

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  • and the unsquished Vimeo version.

  • DAY 1 PART TWO. This and the above clip were shot with Cake and the 17.5mm Nokton lens.

  • Cuteness...but I'll never understand those cliche hand signals up by their faces.

  • Staying in Character is big with them, and usually they are the poses their characters make. As to why there characters pose like that, it is another issue. You can probably tell I enjoy trying to get these girls to break character and smile their real smile, or laugh. I will probably do a compilation of all the funnest moments in the near future.

  • Yeah, I've been enjoying anime since the early 1980s. I just don't get it. Seems like every "cute girl" character has to do one of those poses or make those faces. The fingers near the mouth bugs me the most. For a while I'd get so annoyed at the weird "evil eye" with the tongue sticking out but it's back to not bothering me.

    I will say this though, no other nerd subculture has the same ratio of girls:guys as anime and a fair number of them are very cute. Over there and here (been to several AnimeExpos and a few smaller cons).