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Using shotgun with GH3
  • I'm having trouble getting the GH3 to recognize my audiotechnica shotgun. when i plug it in the special mic icons remain greyed-out. does external mic only work with the new panasonic shotgun?

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  • might be your shotgun need 48v power?

  • it has a battery. plus it worked fine with the GH2

  • think gh2 uses 2.5mm jack and gh3 uses 3.5mm jack. Its connected ok?

  • yeah. i guess i have to do a test recording. i'm not sure if the 'special mic' icon is supposed to be greyed-out when a mic is connected to the mini input. the GH2 tells you when there is an external mic connected. is there some message that alerts you on the GH3?

  • I don't have a message when I plug in my Rode VideoMic pro into the 3.5mm jack but I do see the microphone icon just above the meters.

  • oh. cool. i'll check for that- ah- got it.