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After Effects CS6: 3D Glasses Effect Convergence Problem
  • I'm having a problem in AE CS6 when setting "Scene Convergence" in the 3D Glasses effect. If I move it from 0, it'll start leaving blank space to the left and right sides of each clip ( [empty][Left][empty][empty][Right][empty] ). It's visible in all view settings, but most apparent in Stereo Pair (Left/Right), which is needed for the final output. I read that you can scale the two layers individually to get rid of the problem, but all that does is scale both at the same time, in essence just resizing the issue. Any ideas, or tutorials around, that can solve this? Can't find much info about the 3D Glasses effect on the web at all...

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  • It would be nice if the 3D Glasses effect rezized as it cropped the images to match convergence! What you can do is test and set your convergence with the 3D Glasses effect as you have done. Then create a new compostion using two versions of the 3D Glasses comp (set to Side by Side). On one, crop (Linear Wipe) to the middle so only the left side is seen. Do the same to the other so that only the right is seen. You can now resize and move them however you would like. Just make sure that they meet in the exact middle. You could use View>Show Grid for preliminary alignment, but make sure the size/position numbers are matching. (On a 1920x1080 compostion, if the horizontal position of one layer is at 1002, the other would need to be at 918. 1920/2=960(middle), 1002-960=42 which means the other layer must be at 960-42=918.)

  • True, that's one workaround! Thanks!