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Testing out the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Lens and my new GH2 (No HACK)
  • I had a play around with the GH2 in a Graveyard in South London. It was a very cold day and so quite hard to keep everything smooth. I was using a super cheap £30 tripod a Velbon C-400 which comes with a PH-24B fluid head. I also experimented with a technique where you slowly tip the tripod towards an object/subject whilst tipping the tripod head up to keep it level. It gives the impression that you are using a slider track.

    Although I have worked with still photography and video operating I haven't had much experience with this more artistic film work so I would love some feedback. Most of the shots I was on a very wide aperture, around 0.95-1.4 and kept my ISO very low. I haven't really done any colour correction and I am not entirely happy with the edit. I did it more as a test and rushed the edit a little whilst at a friends house (so I couldn't concentrate 100%). One thing I have noticed is that there is a "judder" effect going on constantly throughout, like it is missing some frames. Not sure if this is because I am using a cracked version of premiere or its the way I exported it.

    Anyway here it is (its kind of depressing).

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  • Wow, graveyard camera and lenses tests. You might put all backyard videographers out of business.

  • I suggest to post it to

    As it'll be best place.

    Thanks for posting, btw.

  • haha thanks inqb8tr!

    Vitaliy, thanks I made a reply to that thread.

  • ah well no one seemed to even notice haha . its cool its just a test really.

  • The jidder might come from the speed with which you pan. You must not exceed a certain speed when you film in 24p. The wider the lens, the faster you can pan. If you want faster pans you need more fps and also the right shutter speed.

    Very nice footage btw. I like filming on old grave yards. Back in the days they really had nice sculptures etc which now due to time and natural influences, patina etc look really nice.

  • wow two years later I noticed this post. I think it was an encoding issue with settings in premiere I was a bit noob but also using a cracked copy of premiere on a mac didnt help. Thanks I enjoy cemeteries, this is one of the best ones in london. Norwood.

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