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Panasonic GF2 video output during recording?
  • Hello,

    I got a Panasonic GF2 and have some trouble with the analog video output. I want to use the output to preview video during recording. I already found that you can enable the live output by pressing Q.MENU for some seconds. This works fine for capturing stilts, but if you start recording a video, the output shows only black as long as you record the video. After stopping recording, you have normal output again.

    I think this is just a firmware restriction that can be removed! Any suggestions?

    And I really need the analog output all the time, because I want to operate the camera remotecontrolled and get the preview via an analog video transmitter.

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  • Any results? I'm also hoping to find a solution. Greetings! enrique

  • No, the best approach is to mount another tiny video camera and adjust it to show the same frame than the GF2. This works only for single focal length or if you dont use the zoom.