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Wobbly GH2 footage
  • I have owned my gh2's for over a year now, and for the first time I have experienced this really nasty wobble / shaky effect:

    does any one know what causes this? it looks like an IS problem to me, I have tried to replicate the problem here at home but I don't get the same results. I was using the new 35-100mm and I hope this is not a bug, because this is my most expensive lens and it would be a shame. I shot 24p and shutter was high since I did not have an ND filter with me, so things to consider:

    • 24p
    • new 35-100mm IS on
    • Shutter was high
    • bug on the lens?
    • I was using a slider, so there was some minimal shaking when sliding, but very minimal

    if anyone has had this issue, what was the conclusion? how is it avoided?

    Fot the record, I have used the 14-140mm with IS on with no issues, and no ND filter and I have had no problems.

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  • Can you confirm that the shutter was high? I would agree that it would have been because its is daylight.

    I'm pretty sure that this is cause by shutter speed being lower that 1/25th.

  • No the shutter speed was high because I did not have an ND filter, but I just did some more testing and it seems the OIS on the lens is the culprit, with the IOS off the image does not wabble or shake, so I hope this is just a bad lens cause if it's not, there's gonna be a lot of unhappy costumers.

  • @djhessler I believe I read that when using a lens with Image Stabilization, and you have the camera on a tripod, you're supposed to turn the Image Stabilization off. So maybe same holds true for a slider. I would Google/research this to confirm I'm correct. IS is for handheld only I believe. You're lens is probably fine.

    Here's an article by B&H on when to use IS:

  • I have used the 14-140 with IS on my slider and it works fine, and today I tested both lenses the 35-100 and the 14-140 and the 35-100 definitely works different, and to be honest I don't know what to think, when using a slider sometimes you get a bit of bumping so that is why I always use the IS but I'm not sure if anyone can test their 35-100 and tell me otherwise. I'm gonna exchange mine in hopes that the other one works like my 14-140, I will post here again once I get the 2nd one.

  • I would read your 35-100 lens user guide carefully, because it may discuss these things. Some lenses have "tripod detection" and then override the IS if it's left on and camera is stable when on tripod (and probably slider as well) . Perhaps the 14-140 has the IS override, and the 35-100 doesn't...which explains your results. If manual/user guide isnt helpful, perhaps call 35-100 lens manufacturer for advice/explanation. Hope this is helpful.