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The Mighty Pirate music video
  • I shot this during the summer in Gary Indiana, near Chicago. I am not sure of which patch I used, but I think that it may have been flowmotion. The opening was shot with a Nikon AI 24mm f2.8, the bedroom scenes with the aforementioned Nikon as well as a Tamron 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 and a very nice Fujinon c-mount 35mm f1.7. All of the rest was done with Bolex c-mounts, a Switar 25mm f1.5 and a Pizar26mm f1.9, leaving the vignetting by choice. It was edited in Premier CS6 using the Cineform codec. All of the grading and compositing was done in AE and the animated compass was done by Denis Bouyer, a very talented animator down in Australia.

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  • No need to "embed" :-) Just paste full URL.

  • Thanks Vitaliy, I have updated the post.

  • Pretty cool locations, urbex :) Loved it, especially the transition at 2:36

  • Some great stuff in there! Love the shot @ 00:45. Great color, great composition! Also love how dreamy that final shot looks, where the girl falls into the water.

    Can't say I am a fan of the dissolve-transitions though. And though most of the locations and shots felt connected visually, the video lost some of this visual uniformity towards the end.

    But overal I'm impressed! And that compass looks pretty neat! :)

  • @Teki @Reinout Thanks for the kind words.

  • well done, it seems you were paying a lot of attention to the quality in this. not sure why you put a credit roll at the end, its a music promo! you have to remember no one gets credits in music promos! haha

  • @leftedit

    The the reason that we put the credit roll at the end was because this was funded by an Indiegogo campaign, and the incentives for donating were to have your picture in the video or your name included in the credits, depending on the amount donated. Thanks for the comment by the way, it's always good to here some feedback.