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Consolidated Specs for Cinema Cameras with RAW
  • I went through the list of topics in Raw Cameras and did not see a list like this, so since I had been compiling some for the blog I posted today at, I thought I would put them here so that others can add to it (and correct any errors that are statistically likely to have been added. :)

    These cameras all have (or are slated to have soon) RAW recording capability in some form.

    Max Horizontal Resolution

    • BMCC: 2.4K
    • Arri Alexa: 2.88K max horizontal resolution.
    • Sony FS-700: 4K expandable with 1.92K at release.
    • Sony F55: 4K max horizontal resolution (4096x2160).
    • Canon C500: 4K max horizontal resolution (4096x2960 RAW max).
    • Sony F65: Greater than 4K.*
    • Red One/Red One MX: 4.5K max horizontal resolution.
    • Red Scarlet: 5K max horizontal resolution (but 4K max horizontal resolution at 24/25/30P).
    • Red Epic: 5K max horizontal resolution.
    • Red Dragon: 6K max horizontal resolution. Unreleased.

    *As for the Sony F65, I don't want to get into that can of worms. With it's 20MP sensor, let's just say "easily 4K, probably more in the future" but not get too far into it other than to say that the current recording format is 4K.

    Cameras with Global Shutter

    • Sony F55

    Max Framerates at 4K and Highest Resolution (with the color depth recorded)

    • BMCC: Cannot do 4K. Max 30P 12-bit log at 2.5K.
    • Arri Alexa: Cannot do 4K. Max 60P 12-bit log at 2.88K in 16x9 mode.
    • Red One MX: 30P 12-bit at both 4.5K and 4K.
    • Canon C500: 60P 10-bit at 4K.
    • Sony FS-700: Upcoming 60P at unspecified RAW bit-depth in 4K.
    • Sony F55: 60P 16-bit linear 4K.
    • Sony F65: 120P 16-bit linear 4K.
    • CMV12000: 90P 12-bit or 150P 10-bit at 4K.
    • Red Scarlet: 30P 16-bit at 4K. 12P at 5K.
    • Red Epic: 150P 16-bit at 4K. 120P 16-bit at 5K.
    • Red Dragon: Unknown 4K (expected to meet or exceed Red Epic at all framerates but guaranteed 120P at 5K). At least 85P 16-bit at 6K. Unreleased.

    Native DR

    • Sony FS-700: Untested in RAW.
    • Red One (not MX): 11.3 stops official.
    • Canon C500: 12 stops official. (Though the highlight roll-off has been garnering praise)
    • BMCC: 13 stops official.
    • Red MX (as used in MX/Scarlet/Epic): 13.5 official. (Some sources measured at under 12 but I'm not invested in one measurement over the other).
    • Arri Alexa: 14 stops official.
    • Sony F55: 14 stops official.
    • Sony F65: 14 stops official.
    • Red Dragon: Over 15 stops official. Unreleased.

    And of course, the Red Scarlet, Epic (and upcoming Dragon) support the HDRx mode that some people like and others do not, which is officially specified as increasing dynamic range to 18 stops (with a lot of caveats to go along with it).

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  • There's also the Ikonoscop and (maybe) digital bolex.

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