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Panasonic GH 2 LCD Monitor flickering
  • I've been trying out my new Pana GH 2, and I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is normal for the GH 2, or if it's defective... When I'm shooting, the LCD monitor often seems to black out/flicker. This doesn't seem to happen when I'm playing back, or in photo mode (not sure about that last one).

    Is this normal behaviour, and if so, how can I prevent it? Or should I send it back to the store? :-(
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  • Please read the manual;-) The black/white flicker shows the overexposed highlights.
  • :-D Sorry, what I mean is that the whole displays blacks out and comes back, not with the display, but the whole display... :-/
  • I have the feeling that what you describe is simply the camera switching from LCD to EVF because something (your hand maybe) gets too close in front of EVF?!
  • That sounds exactly like what might be going on, I'll test it once my battery is recharged. Thanks!