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ENG Camera Hacks
  • Does anyone know any hacks for any traditional cameras? I would be really interested in getting a hack for my Sony NX5U that would increase the bit rate of my footage. Currently it records 24mbps MTS (AVCHD) files, I would really like if I can get that bit rate up higher. Intra or something that will give me a stable bit rate would be awesome.

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  • Yes there was the andromeda hack for DVX100 wich was a very good ENG camera. Was SD resolution so...well.

    Gives you 4:4:4 color Raw.

    Check it on google.

  • @endotoxic

    It was not really hack, just hardware modification.

  • hacking apply in many forms, making a mod can be called hack.

  • I would like to see a firmware hack for my Sony NX5U to use along with my Lumix GH2 when shooting events with two cameras.

  • @jjavelar_25

    It is non zero chance that it acn be hacked in the future.

    For now our NEX unpack tool (you can check it at ) in unable to decrypt firmware, but general firmware image is same as in professional big sensor cameras or NEX cameras.

  • It is cool that many of the DSLR and larger sensor cameras are being hacked but it would be nice to see traditional ENG cameras get hacked as well. I understand it is hard work and appreciate it because I would not be able to do it myself. I'm currently using a SONY NX5U, it's a nice camera but it's lacking many features that other camera in its price range or below already come equipped with. The NX5U doesn't have any waveforms, or an exposure meter and it only has a 28mbps AVCHD bit rate. Other than these little defects the camcorder is great but if a hack came around for these cameras we would see a lot more appeal for ENG Style cams again. The bit rate is what interests me the most, I hope to see a hack for the NXCAMS soon.

  • The NX5U doesn't have any waveforms, or an exposure meter and it only has a 28mbps AVCHD bit rate.

    I suggest just get external monitor, if you so like waveforms. May be also external recorder, like Black Magic one.