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GH2 Rocks the House - Awesome Looking Commercial
  • This was really awesome and worth a look. As more and more talented people show what the GH2 can do. Fuck you Canon fanboys ;-p

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  • Thank you very much for posting my stuff. :D

    PS: I hate Canon, i am a GH2 Fanboy and i hope, in 2012 a GH3 fanboy. :D

  • And pre hack :) people who can can etc :) No bitrate hike will help us - what you guys do is what you do :) hats off
  • @pilpop

    It was a pleasure - love your work!
  • Hey, I'm still a Canon fanboy! But I'm also a GH2 fanboy! ...really just a fanboy of anything that isn't a traditional video camera. I had to work with an EX3 today and it just felt so primitive and slow. I don't understand why people complain about DSLR form function, regular video cameras are TERRIBLE! The buttons are all over the place, tons of annoying switches that have TINY increments, menus are horrible, ect... I'll take having all the controls at my thumb-tips any day... it's something that you really miss when going back to a big old clunky "proper" video camera.

    Hand held DSLRs-like form factor IS the future... at least Red knows this. I don't know why everyone is so adamant about killing-off DSLRs. It's insane.
  • Good job Pilpop! The GH2 has already proven itself on the field - though I must say I'm more impressed with your edit & grading.