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    1. Peaking for focus assist
    2. 1:1 magnifier mode
    3. Earphone Jack
    4. Image Flip(U/D,L/R)
    5. Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Tint, Saturation and Color Temperature
    6. Check Field Modes: Red, Green, Blue, Monochrome and Color
    7. Underscan/Overscan
    8. Center Marker, Screen Markers(80%,85%,90%,93%,96%)


    • Panel Resolution - 800X480
    • Brightness - 315cd/m²
    • Contrast - 800:1
    • Inputs - HDMI
    • Outputs - HDMI; 3.5mm audio
    • HDMI Supported Modes - up to and including 1080p (50/60Hz)
    • Viewing Angles - 80°/80°(L/R) 80°/80°(U/D)
    • Power Consumption - ≤6W
    • Size - 111.8H X 83W X90.8L mm
    • Weight (complete) - 400g

    It is not high end stuff, but price won't high end either :-)

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    424 x 513 - 38K
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  • Looks great! Any idea on cost?

  • Interesting! Needs focus peaking and some exposure tool to be a stepup from dsrl lcds, so hope that will be possible :) @Vitaliy_Kiselev do you know how it's powered?

  • I don't get the resolution. Is it 800 or 1920?

  • @oscillian

    Of course, not 1920 :-)

  • Any idea what type if screen it is?

  • @vicharris

    As I know it is quite good screen. Btw, for EVF screen is important only for color, angles play small role.

  • True. I'm trying to find reviews on this thing and I keep getting dead ends. I'd take this over the Loupe any day. Tired of burning spots on my damn viewfinder because I'm a dumbass! :)

  • @vicharris

    You could't find reviews as it is absolutely new product and members who'll get it will be amoung first buyers in the world.

  • So any news on this evf and prices?

  • It's a big leap of faith ;)

  • Is there A way to get a 12 Volt input into the EVF to run it off a battery?

  • Doesn't seem like it, just the canon battery plate.

  • Is that a diopter on the eye cup? I wear specs and need to adjust for that

  • @Mullum

    Yep, it is adjustable. How they call it - adjustable focus.

  • I think I saw one on a shoot this week. I'm going to try and see if it was this one and if it is, ask to borrow it for a day or two. I'll give him a lens as collateral!

  • I have one to test in my hands. First thought's, not sure about it. The contrast and brightness is so far off my LCD on the GH2 and it's huge! The diopter is ok but the Varavon Loupe is better in that regard. The screen is sharp as shit but it's still hard to tell what's going on. I'll need a day or two and my girlfriends patients to check it out all the way. I know@5thwall has the expensive version of this. Maybe we can meet up at compare em side by side.

  • Yeah, that would be nice to see at least some comment or even a test, as we have nothing until now. I have bought myself a marshal monitor but in some circumstances an evf would be a much better tool than an external monitor.

  • I have one piece of this as well. Will be doing a video review on it soon. But my first impression is that the magnets are quite unreliable. Hopefullymanufacturer will note and improve the adhesive that keeps the magnets in their place.

  • @kicap Does yours have 1to1 magnification? Mine does not but I think it has some sort of focus peaking.

  • Hi guys,

    Just to give better explanation, this is our simple (but a bit lengthy I would say..hehehe) video review on the 3.5 inch EVF. .


  • Thanks for the test, but you don't talk about the more intangible but more important thing that could be called screen quality and ergonomics. Things about the color accuracy of the screen (at least compared to your camera lcd screen), contrast level (can you judge exposure from it), screen resolution etc. For ergonomic, what are your impression when looking through the viewfinder, is the screen big enough, do you see the pixel, is the optic good, any distortion etc etc. I don't want to sound harsh but for now it looks more like a product brochure and not a review, for example, all the settings in the menu are meaningless if the screen is crap.

  • @danyyyel

    I do understand the other aspects that are missing. My shortcomings I have to admit. However, to answer your question, obviously the screen is not as good as the iPad as it is only 800 x 480 pixels. The color accuracy for me is on par with my Canon 60D. The video is not indicating this as I am not adjusting the Color, Brightness, or the Contrast to its most optimize quality. Looking through the viewfinder is good but I can't tell whether this is on par with the Zacuto or Cineroid as I do not have them for comparison. The optic is not as good as I want it to be but for the price it is acceptable (you can't see the pixel on the whole 3.5 inch as the side is a bit blur but no distortion for sure on mine). Ergonomic wise I would give 7/10 (based on my earlier expectation but comparison with Zacuto or Cineroid would give me different opinion maybe). To be honest it is a product brochure/ review to a certain extent and no, the screen is not crap. I am pushing the manufacturer to do 1280 x 800 for the future for this item but so far the price tag is just perfect for this.

    Thanks for the C&C @danyyyel. really appreciate this.

    P.s. if any of you have the Zacuto or Cineroid that I can rent for few days it would be great for me to do a complete comparison. I will also do the 7" LCD (1280 x 800) once my unit arrived. Will take all the points here for future product review.

  • @danyyyel I had one to play with and will look at it again when I get home but there's no way to judge exposure on this thing. I tried for 4 hours to get it right but it crushes the hell out of the black compared to the GH2 screen. I'd say it is on par with my Lilliput monitor and I have one of the newer ones of those. The focus assist works pretty good but of course not as good as Marshall or Small. The one thing I was trying to judge was was this product worth it compared to the Varavon Loupe? I have the Varavon that mounts to the side of the GH2 and everything aligned up pretty well for me to film and I retained the zoom function you lose when you use HDMI out. I know many people want a viewfinder where you can't see the individual pixels as you can on the GH2 screen when using a loupe and on this EVF, you can still see the pixels. I know the pixel count wasn't night and day as compared to the GH2 screen but I don't see it that much better. Also I can't get the magnifier in the EVF to adjust right. The edges of the screen get a little chopped off when it's focused right on my eye. Could just be me though but in the Varavon Loupe, this is not a problem for me. Also, as expected, it feels like a toy but I knew that going in. There's no way you can get everything for this price point. I'm sure if it was dropped it would break. The Varavon product is made better.

  • To owners.

    please check if something happens if you press and hold exit button (try in menu and in usual mode).

    I had been told by one guy that it show many settings including fine tuning of color temperatures present, gamme, etc.