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Google's Image Search: Re-Design Hurts Desktop Users and Puts Critical Functionality on Vacation
  • If you've used Google Image Search in the last year, you've probably gotten used to having a lot of options available to you on the left. Options you could get to quickly and easily, like being able to specify images large than a given size.

    But a week ago, Google decided to launch a re-designed interface that hid most options, required more clicks, and move them to the top where they could only be used with an animated reveal (that you had to wait for) in order to make the desktop based image search more consistent with mobile use.

    Worse still, the have "temporarily" removed the ability to specific "larger than" or "exact size" image options when searching. Now you can only specify three vague categories of size at best, and even that takes several clicks!

    Over a 170 people have posted complaints in the last week in the official Google group at!msg/websearch/xcv50_kJ9Pc/ApEqKbCI8u4J but it may take a lot more for Google to get the idea people do NOT like having functionality randomly removed for no apparent reason and that desktop users do NOT like having their functionality impacted just to make things "consistent" with mobile users.

    If you have Twitter or Facebook and agree, please share this post.

    If you want to let Google know directly, please post to the official thread.!msg/websearch/xcv50_kJ9Pc/ApEqKbCI8u4J

    We couldn't stop Panasonic from ditching an MAR sensor, but this IS something we can do something about. Google has changed similar things in the past in response to public outcry.